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Peppermint- the mood booster

Peppermint and other types of mint, are among the herbs of choice for treating a variety of ailments. Back in the day, a cup of mint tea, emitting that sharp menthol smell, was the remedy most likely offered for treatment of digestive disorders and relief of colds.

Lately, peppermint is being touted for its ability to perk up one’s mood. This is against the background of various professional studies into medicinal plants which have focused on their health benefits.

Peppermint, black mint, spear mint are widely grown in Jamaica, is a native genus of the Mediterranean region and is used for its flavour, fragrance and pharmaceutical value.

Mint goodness is recommended for car rides. A 2015 Western Oregon University study found that aromas, like mint, can improve one’s mood. Researchers also found that participants who were exposed to peppermint scent had high ratings of alertness.

Have a cuppa on us!