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Port Royal “barrel” chairs

Christopher’s bucket chairs

After you see Maurice Christopher’s handiwork you will never look at a blue, storage barrel quite the same way again.

The Port Royal carpenter has taken barrels which once transported goods to the island and converted them into chairs, and they were recently seen at a small watering hole on the fringes of the ocean, near Port Royal.

It’s common to see these dent-resistant barrels/drums being used for storage of food and water and other items. They are a favourite of vendors who stuff their wares in them, they are lightweight and can be easily moved from place to place.

These ladies are comfortable while they chat with Maurice Christopher.

Christopher said someone gave him the idea and he started making these chairs five months ago. The ply-wood hand-rests are a nice touch. Barrel-style chairs have been around for ages since it was discovered that old wine and whiskey barrels could be repurposed to provide something of a comfortable nook for users.

With all its allure, living close to the sea has a major drawback – salt damage to furniture and appliances. But these barrels made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is corrosion free – are quite the match for the high salinity sea air.

Christopher’s chairs are sturdy and comfortable and he is proud that he doing his bit for the environment by recycling these barrels.