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Socks with Sass

It’s the fashion accessory that is adding pizazz to the plain old suit – the socks. No longer are socks merely peeping out from beneath pants’ cuffs, they are out in the open and making statements.

Around this time of year, family members and friends are thinking about gifts. We suggest hosiery where there are many new trends for men and women.

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen is at left and beside him Prime Minister Andrew Holness showing off his statement socks.

Take men’s dress socks, they now come in different hues and bold patterns. From ankle-length to knee-high, socks are made from different materials such as spandex, wool (too hot for our weather), polyester and nylon. Those who are conservative get to be a little playful and creative in their choices.

Socks have been around for a long time. In ancient times matted animal hair and leather were used to make socks. The first pair of knitted socks was reportedly found in 1500 BC in Jutland, now part of Denmark, while the first stockings were found in Egyptian tombs in 500 AD. For years, only the wealthy and privileged wore stockings as the manufacturing details were kept secret. But after machines were developed to knit socks they became more readily available. Growing up socks were a staple in children’s lives, but they were often overlooked as an accessory.

However, after a terrorist attempted to down a commercial aircraft with a shoe bomb in February 2015, new airport procedures meant that passengers had to take off their shoes and men’s socks were on parade. Socks had to be in pristine condition – no holes or threading. And suddenly socks became a focal point for many men.  

We recently observed a fashion-forward Prime Minister Andrew Holness at a swearing-in function at King’s House. Talk about socks with attitude.

Senate President Tom Tavares-Finson is going bold in these designer socks,
beside him is House Speaker Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert, they were at Jamaica
Conference Centre

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