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JAMAICA-Linc is curated by a band of professionals with a well-earned reputation for accurate, fact-based reporting and journalistic excellence.

The website calls readers to celebrate brand Jamaica. The editorial focus will be on the innovation and creativity which have successfully combined to present Jamaica as a strong, positive brand in the international marketplace. We guarantee rich content as our writers share stories, showcase journeys and explore unique aspects of our culture.

JAMAICA-Linc will appeal to people who are passionate about Jamaica because they will be fed a diet of nostalgia, connecting them with their glorious past. Our presentations will be authentic and reliable so that persons who wish to visit or do business in Jamaica will connect to our site to make informed decisions.

JAMAICA-Linc will build strong relationships with businesses that are seeking to expand into the Diaspora by developing tailored content so they can connect with their audience. If you have a product or service to sell, contact Jamaica-Linc first.

We are excited about the birth of Jamaica-Linc and feel certain that you will have an informative experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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